I just read the Northwest Florida Daily News article relating to Gov. Ron DeSantis deciding on a bill that was passed in the Florida House and Senate (SB796). It basically references requiring underground utilities. I have a personal observation referring to underground utilities. 

I was assigned to West Germany for over 13 years, during the ’70s and ’80s. All of Germany’s residential and commercial daily utilities are underground, all with strict requirements for installation and maintenance. In all the 13 years there I never experienced an electrical outage. Additionally, I was in the last community in south Germany that went from above-ground utilities to underground placement. 

Germany doesn't have the hurricane weather attacks we have here in Florida, but the basic concept after World War II was to place these vital utilities underground for possible future hostile engagements and possible severe weather. It appears to be working in Germany as I observed. 

There will be numerous challenges to the beginning and the maintenance, but it works. I also had underground utilities in Virginia — (they) worked great, no high-maintenance utility poles to be challenged with and no outages for 16 years assigned there. 

I encourage all Floridians to think about this concept and contact any state, county or city official to support the passing of SB796. 

Chester Willis, Crestview