Steven King of Milton writes: "Neither mentioned the Ohio shooting by a Elisabeth Warren supporter for Democrat 'open borders.'"

On Aug. 10th the Santa Rosa Press Gazette printed Pensacola resident John King's letter to the editor regarding something said at Trump's May 8 Panama City rally. John's reference for his letter is Philip Rucker's Washington Post political editorial printed Aug. 4 following the El Paso shooting.

What John regurgitated was Rucker's omitting of Trump's statement immediately prior to that moment when someone yelled “shoot them.” Trump was talking about a migrant caravan heading north and said of border patrol agents, “Don’t forget, we don’t let them and we can’t let them use weapons. Other countries do. We can’t. I would never do that.”

Neither mentioned the Ohio shooting by a Elisabeth Warren supporter for Democrat "open borders." Also not mentioned are the yearly 4,000 American deaths caused at the hands of illegal immigrants such as in DUI's, etc., or the 70,000-plus Americans killed yearly by elicit drugs now laced with Chinese Fentanyl freely shipped into Mexico to be smuggled across our border. Not to mention property loss including our tax dollars to take care of these illegal immigrants who should be applying for their paperwork at our foreign embassies in their or a neighboring country under United Nation's law instead of at our border.

Joe Biden said it best, that leftist Democrats "choose truth over facts" by eliminating some facts to get their truth!

Steven King, Milton