Gerald Archuleta of Okaloosa Island says he is not on twitter, but if he were, these are the things he would say.

I am not on Twitter, but if I were, this is what I would tweet: 

The Republicans pride themselves on being fiscally conservative. Under President Obama, the budget deficit was cut by more than half. Since President Trump took office, the deficit is now exceeding $1 trillion. 

As one who volunteered for wartime military service, I do not mind those who were not drafted during the Vietnam War because they were students or otherwise disqualified. That war was known as the “blue-collar war." But I do resent those who presented contrived disabilities, such as “bone spurs,” in order to escape the draft. 

President Trump says he is now starting his campaign for re-election. In fact, he has been campaigning since he took office in 2017, holding rallies in various red states, ostensibly in support of GOP candidates. But he manages to tell his audience at great length how great a president he has been. 

President Trump inquired of the Weather Service if a nuclear bomb would stop Hurricane Dorian. I'm sure they chuckled at that one. That's all we needed — radiation spread by a 150 mph storm as it made its way up the East Coast and on into Canada. 

I remember when Iran was very friendly with the USA. I had friends who worked there in the oil industry. Oliver North sold them arms during the Reagan years. The Iranian people are still generally pro-American, in spite of their current leadership. 

I see President Trump is diverting military funds into improving and expanding the border wall on our southern border. Proving, I presume, that where there is a wall, there is a way. 

Gerald Archuleta, Okaloosa Island