Richard White of Mary Esther has a few pointed words about the Kurds and their betrayal.

So quickly we discover the trap in trying to supply substantiation to a Trump lie.

We have deserted our allies, the Kurds, who have fought beside us so loyally in the battle against ISIS because we have been embroiled on the Middle East too long.

All the remoras swim around and say yes, master is absolutely right. We have been over there too long ... they did not fight beside us at Normandy ... yes master, yes. Right, Huckabee?

But then, you pick up the news and master has agreed to send 3,000 troops to Saudi Arabia. Right while you were in mid-sentence. Yes master yes. ... I don't remember any Saudi Arabians at Normandy, either. But I do remember a number of them being involved in 9/11.

It all comes down to the money with the master. Defense contracts with the Saudis and two Trump towers in Istanbul with, hopefully, more to come if he plays his cards right.

Richard White, Mary Esther