Steve Ashmore offers a simple proposal for something you can do when the worst has passed.

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It’s only been a few weeks, but COVID-19 has played havoc with a number of routines. In my household we stayed home instead of going out for an anniversary dinner, and a birthday was subdued as well. Many lives have been disrupted, whether it be societal or on a more personal level. We’re all feeling the effects of being shut off from the rest of the world.

Public education is virtual and in many places homeschooling is the only answer. Parents have the time in many cases simply because they are not allowed to go to work as their employment is non-essential compared to public health.

Professional and collegiate sports have been canceled or postponed. March Madness didn’t happen this year, baseball didn’t have an opening day, the NBA is over for this year, and professional golf hopes to resume with a limited schedule in June.

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Restaurants are staying open by serving curbside or to-go orders only. A sit-down cup of coffee can’t be found anywhere. If you want a beer you’ll have to retrieve one from your own refrigerator because the bars are closed too.

Are you one who likes to work up a good sweat after a hard day at the office? Assuming you are still at the office, the gyms are all closed so you better have some free weights and a stationary bike at home.

So what do you miss most? Seeing the kids off to school, going to work, or relaxing in front of the television? Do you yearn for an evening out with loved ones, perhaps being pampered at your favorite restaurant? Are you ready for a really good workout?

Here’s an idea. Make a list of what you miss and when this is over, hopefully sooner than later, make time for those things in your life. We’ve taken too much for granted and if there’s any good derived from this pandemic we may have come to recognize how much we miss each other.

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