Lavin McDaniel fired up the nets for 17 points to lead Fudpucker’s in a 44-13 win over Frankfurt 1031 Exchange in the 7/8 age division of the Destin Youth Basketball League played at the Destin Community Center.

McDaniel scored 13 in the first half then tossed in four more in the second to set the pace for Fud’s.

Cannon Wilbur tossed in 12 points for Fudpucker’s and Ebner Ingram hit for 11. Tossing in two each were Caden Job and J. Miles Galloway.

Scoring for Frankfurt Exchange were Eli Scharf with five points, Brooks Chouinard with four and Ethan Thomas and Holden Hughes with two each.


In other 7/8 action:

Gulf Coast Electric 12, Active Marketing 9

Zai’Shawn Brown and Malachi Grimes each scored four points for Gulf Coast. Chipping in two each were Stephen Riggs and Kingston Hutchinson.

Jackson Black led Active Marketing with seven points and Kellen Ramsey hit for two.

Pristine Painting 27, ThomCo Enterprises 25

Scoring for Prinstine was Emma Carroll with seven, along with Jayce Roberson and Samuel Magee each with four.

Scoring eight each for ThomCo were Aiden Powell and Jarret Zimmer. John Ryan Brown scored six and Nolan Dooly hit for two.

Wood and Associates 18, Stu’s Pro Painting 14

Maddox Mason and Jaden Herrera each scored eight for Wood, while Jayden Phillips chipped in two.

Scoring six each for Stu’s were Carter Marracco and Hamilton Martin. Jackson Marracco contributed two.


Ages 9/10

Coastal Cruisers 52, Frankfurt Law 17

Coastal had three players in double digits in the victory. Gunnar Smith and James Boykin each scored 12 points, while Tyler Nims hit for 10. Baylen Knox scored six, Christian O’Brien four, Calvin Blackman three, Sebastian McDonald three, and Mason George two.

Neil Bawa was tops for Frankfurt with 12 points. Ethan Chance scored three and Era Medina hit for two.

Nathan Hall DMD 32, The Shard Shop 8

Kadon Chapman was high-point player for Nathan Hall with 13 points. Jordan Figueroa scored 11 while William Blanchard hit for four. Contributing two each were Ethan Holstein and Brennen Leonard.

Sara Oakes led Shard Shop with four points. Andy Barragan and Brayden Etier each scored two.

Carr, Riggs and Ingram 29, Island Pier 20

Greyson Sommerville was tops for Ingram with 12 points. Carson Fayard tossed in eight points, Dylan Marracco four, Palmer Robbins three and Roman Leibold two.

Owen Atkins led Island Pier with 11 points. John Rice scored four, Griffin Cann three and Brayden Waters two.


Ages 11/15

Trustmark National Bank 34, Lady Marlins 17

High-point player for Trustmark was Daniil Baturyn with 18 points. Parker Seagle scored six, while LJ Figueroa and Jack Tenholder each scored four. Pavel Baturyn chipped in two points.

Scoring six each for the Marlins were Nathan Stepp and Elaina Perkins. Jessica Pierce scored three and Grace Ousley two.

Fudpucker’s 34, Great Clips 32

Scoring 11 each for Fud’s were Noah Mason and Easom Ingram. Campbell Debra scored eight, while Eisley Ingram and Hunter Barber each scored two.

Price Bowen and Spencer MacKenzie each scored eight for Great Clips. Kirch Bright hit for six, while Ethan Ramsey and J. Cole each scored four. Parker Gilliam hit for two.

Destin Custom Home Builders 49, Executive Air 37

Carston Phillips was top scorer for Home Builders with eight points in the first half and then 13 in the second half for a total of 21. Noah Lynch hit double digits with 16 points. Others scoring were Jandel Gadea with five, Maddox Hayles four, Cooper Hall two and Andrew Atkins one.

Aiden Davis led Executive Air with 11 points. Others scoring were Alex Kruise with nine, Michael Cappola and Evan Kajala with four, Dylan Waters three, and Parker Kajala, Jaxson LaPointe and Mario Barragan each with two.

Emerald Coast Move Pro 44, World Impact Real Estate 15

Maddox Fayard knocked down two 3s on his way to 20 points for Move Pro. Ian Thomas scored 10, while Zach Thomas added five and Allen Collins four. Jacob Castle and Isaiah Batarao each scored two and Ava Smith chipped in one.

Logan Cann was tops for World Impact with six points. Scoring three each were Zander Davis, Ryan Driscoll and Braden McClellan.


Ages 3/4

Landsharks 32, Kidz 4 Kidz 12

Scoring eight each for Landsharks were Brock Sansom and Joseph Cope. Sasa Sellers and Marshall Fortenberry each scored four. Scoring two each were Ava Bonner, Maximus Miller, Jarvis Rickman and Addison Gordon.

Miles Merritt led Kidz with eight points. Scoring two each were Lincoln Tremper and Michael Guin.

AJ’s 36, Wild Willy’s 16

Nolan Holstein fired up the nets for 16 points for AJ’s. Trey Lee hit double digits with 10 points and Amerlia Srnecek scored six. Chipping in two each were Mock Horin and Cole Brietich.

Nik Baturyn, Nikolas Dudley and Hadley Bahena each scored four for Wild Willy’s. Lilly Tedder and Bennett Barcus each chipped in two points.


Ages 5/6

Frankfurt Law 24, The Will Lawyer 20

Henry Frankfurt led Frankfurt Law with eight points. Scoring four each were J.B. Martin, Bentley Reed and Tripp Cox, while Jude Fuller and Molly Jane Hall both scored two.

Joseph Oakes led The Will Lawyer with 10 points. Blake Marracco scored six, while Leighton Gordon and Evan McCunney each tossed in two.

Ace of South Walton 48, Budget Blinds 14

Ace stepped out to a 24-8 lead in the first half. Scoring in double digits for Ace were Tyler Rojas with 14 and Mox Hoy 10. Hunter Ray scored eight, James Espy six, Jack Harrell and Davidson Lee four each, and Max Wortman two.

Jordyn Spence led Budget with eight points. Karis Jones scored four and Stetson McDonald two.

Arrow Disposal Services 26, Culver’s 8

David Feczko put up 10 points for Arrow. Graham Herndon scored eight, while Aaron Magee and Judson Phillips each scored four.

Cruz Bryant scored four for Culver’s. Jayden Feliciano and Jayden Hall each contributed two.

Salvati’s Pizza 36, McGovern O’Dell Associates 16

William Horin scored 12 in the first half and another 10 in the second for 22 points for Salvati’s. Bentlee Bailey scored six, while Brooks Mawn and Luke Horin each scored four.

Harper Reynolds scored eight for McGovern. Contributing four each were Jax O’Dell and Kane Terry.