Michael Haynes knocked in five runs to lead Emerald Coast Chiropractic in a 24-10 win over Ace in the Hole in the Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center. This was Chiropractic’s first victory of the season.

Haynes clobbered a home run, double and a single for the five RBIs.

At the end of three innings, Chiropractic led 8-3 and 14-5 at the end of four.

In the fifth inning, Chiropractic exploded for the 10-run limit to put the game away in five innings.

Kat Mortensen hit two singles for two RBIs for Chiropractic while Travis Carroll connected for two triples and a double for three RBIs. Lee Pardue belted two home runs out of the park.

Robbie Overlay hit three singles for two RBIs for Ace. Justin Abdo doubled and singled for an RBI, and Michael Bell tripled and doubled for two RBIs.


HarborWalk Marina 26, Fireballers 25

In the first three innings, Fireballers jumped out to a 14-9 lead.

In the top of the fourth, HarborWalk rallied for the 10-run limit and then added another seven in the fifth for the win.

Brian Martinez knocked in seven runs on two homers and two singles. Justin Robert hit two doubles and a single for an RBI, and Travis Carroll homered and doubled for three RBIs.

Pete VanHesteren tripled and hit two doubles for three RBIs for Fireballers. Tyler Boyer doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs and Michael Robbins hit three singles.


TayGray 44, 2 Brothers Remodeling 19

TayGray scored the 10-run limit four out of five innings for a strong performance over 2 Brothers.

Josh Snyder knocked in nine runs on two home runs, a triple and two doubles for TayGray. Shardae Hernandez tripled and hit four singles for two RBIs, and Neil Washington homered, tripled and doubled for six RBIs. Jason Little and Austin Jessup also hit home runs.

Nelson Campbell connected for a homer and a double for five RBIs for 2 Brothers. Shannon Scott doubled and hit two singles, and Joe Feltner tripled and doubled for five RBIs.


Island Wings 29, The Track 26

Island Wings stepped out to an 18-9 lead in the first two innings. By the fourth, The Track had closed it down but still trailed 27-22. The Track went on to score three in the fifth and one in the sixth. Island Wings scored two last runs in the sixth.

Jennifer Bazylak led Island Wings with a triple, double and two singles for four RBIs. Mike Jones hit two triples and three singles for two RBIs, and Chris Rubino tripled, doubled and singled for three RBIs. Matt Cleator hit two homers.

Gregg Griffith had six RBIs for The Track on a home run, two doubles and a single. Ruby Davis hit four singles for two RBIs and Bobby Griffith homered, doubled and singled for two RBIs. Lee Majors hit a home run as well.