Don Buck led Fender’s Collision in a 20-13 win over Misfits in the Coed Division II Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Buck cracked out a triple and three doubles for three RBIs.

Fender’s jumped out to a 9-4 lead in the first innings and stretched it to 14-5 in the third.

In the top of the fourth, Misfits picked up five and then Fender’s came back with four in the fifth. In the sixth, Misfits put up three runs and Fender’s answered with two in the bottom half.

Chelsea Womack and Laura Moseley each doubled and hit three singles for three RBIs for Fender’s.

Brittany Mainor led Misfits with a double and two singles for two RBIs. Jason Smith hit three singles for two RBIs and Randy Kukla doubled and singled for two RBIs.


Buffalo Wild Wings 29, SoWal 8

Wild Wings dominated leading 25-5 at the end of three.

Jane Purdy hit four singles for two RBIs for Wild Wings. Taylor Campbell tripled, doubled and singled for five RBIs, and Colby Wells hit an inside the park home run, triple and a single for three RBIs. Ethan Randolph and Blaine Watkins each hit inside the park home runs.

Kyle Boyer doubled and hit two singles for SoWal. Rae Richardson tripled and singled for two RBIs and Jerry Dameron hit two singles for an RBI.


Emerald Coast Alarms 19, Navigators 18

At the end of two, the game was deadlocked at 9-9.

EC Alarms started to pull away in the third with five runs to Navigators three. In the top of the fifth, Navigators got the advantage 18-17.

In the bottom of the sixth, EC Alarms scored the two runs needed for the win.

Brandon Blyden led EC Alarms with a triple and two singles. Nic Rermen hit two doubles and a single, and Aubry Tyler hit three singles.

Jon Gangloff doubled and hit three singles for Navigators. Bart Hardy doubled and hit two singles and Ryan Marcell hit three singles.


HOA’s 31, Jackacuda’s-Brotula’s 23

After three innings, HOA’s led 18-15. With time running out in the sixth inning, HOA’s put up 11 runs to Jackacuda’s six. In the last inning teams can score as many runs as they can, thus the 11 runs, instead of the 10-run limit.

Lauren Woods led HOA’s with a home run, double and two singles. Ken Wampler doubled and hit three singles, and Brodie Graves doubled and hit two singles.

Molina Mall tripled, hit two doubles and a single for Jackacuda’s. Kelly Fox hit three singles and Zack Cragin tripled and hit three singles.