Teresa Imdieke connected for three hits to lead Emerald Coast Chiropractic in a 19-18 win over Ace in the Hole to kickoff the second half of the Coed Softball League at Morgan Sports Center. This was a Division II victory.

Imdieke slapped an inside-the-park home run to the right field fence and two singles for four RBIs.

At the end of two innings, Chiropractic led 11-5. Ace came back with seven in the third to take the lead. Chiropractic got the advantage back in the bottom half with four runs.

In the fourth, Ace scored six to go up 18-15. Chiropractic scored two in the bottom half.

With time running out in the fifth, Chiropractic scored the two runs needed for the win.

Lee Pardue doubled, hit two singles and an inside-the-park homer for an RBI for Chiropractic. Whitney Whidden tripled and two singles for an RBI. Todd Preston smacked two homers for four RBIs and Don Edwards cranked out one for three RBIs.

Andy Collins was tops for Ace with two homers, a double and a single for five RBIs. Kristen Goergen hit three singles for an RBI and Robbie Overly hit three singles for two RBIs. Dakota Smith connected for a home run.


Fireballers 25, The Track 13

Fireballers dominated from the start, putting up 11 runs combined in the first two innings. Then in the third they blew up for the 10-run limit for a 21-5 advantage. The game was over in five innings.

Michael Haynes knocked in five RBIs for Fireballers on two home runs and two singles. Katie Quinn doubled and hit three singles for three RBIs, while Anthony Bartolo tripled, doubled and singled for an RBI.

Bobby Griffith led The Track with a triple, double and a single for an RBI. Corey Griffith doubled and singled for an RBI, and Ruby Davis hit two singles for an RBI.