Matt Molina connected for four hits to lead Jackacuda’s/Brotula’s in a Division IV 15-8 victory over HOA’s in the first game of the second half of the Coed Softball League at Morgan Sports Center.

Molina hit a double and three singles to set the pace for Jackacuda’s.

At the end of two innings, the game was tied at 3-3. In the third, Jackacuda’s started to pull away with four runs. Jackacuda’s went on to score two in the fifth, one in the six and five in the fifth.

Chris McModrick hit three singles for Jackacuda’s, while Korey Horten doubled and hit two singles.

Ken Wampler led HOA’s with two doubles and a single. Jamie Aderhold singled.


Healthsource 32, Navigators 19

Healthsource jumped out to a 19-9 lead in the first two innings, scoring the 10-run limit in the second inning.

Navigators had one rally in the third inning, scoring the 10-run limit. Then they ran out of gas.

Healthsource put the game away in five innings.

Ryan Garcia hit two triples and two doubles for Healthsource. Mitch Clabealux slapped a home run, double and two singles and Logan Newby hit two singles and two doubles.

Jon Gangloff hit two doubles and a single for Navigators and Ryan Marcell doubled and singled.