With amberjack back on the catch list as of May 1, anglers haven’t wasted any time hauling in those huge reef donkeys.

Amberjack are often referred to as a reef donkey because they hang out around reefs and are one of the hardest pulling fish around … kind of stubborn like a donkey.

Anyhow, the amberjack fishery opened up May 1 and will stay open through the end of the month. The bag limit is one per person with a minimum size limit of 34 inches.

Capt. Mike Graef of the Huntress and his group of angler from Indiana didn’t waste any time getting in on the amberjack action. They went out on an eight hour trip and came back with six amberjack, the largest weighing 55-plus pounds, their limit of triggerfish and several mingo.

Capt. Graef said the amberjack bite was good.

“My top secret bait showed up for the first time,” Graef said, which helped to lure in those big jacks.

Capt. Trey Windes on the Outta Line and his group from Tennessee got in on some of that amberjack action on Wednesday. They filled the racks with some big amberjack, along with triggerfish and a couple of king mackerel.

Windes said it was a great day on the water and the bite was on.

A couple of regulars from Manhattan, who fish with Capt. Robert Hill on the Twilight, went out and tangled with the reef donkey. They pulled in a pair of amberjack, a triggerfish and a king mackerel. The two men were more about catch and release than keeping a bunch of fish.

As a matter of fact, one of the men said he couldn’t wait to sit down to a big plate of spaghetti or a steak. They like fish, but they really just love the fight.

Capt. Jim Green on the New Florida Girl’s American Spirit party boat even got in on some of the amberjack fishing. In addition to their many stringers filled with mingo, triggerfish and white snapper, they had one nice amberjack on the racks.

Amberjack wasn’t the only targeted fish on Wednesday.

Anglers from Colorado, Tennessee and Louisiana fishing aboard the Vengeance with Capt. Nathan Putney caught triggerfish, mingo and white snapper. Word is they also tangled with a shark before breaking it off.

The party boat Destin Princess with Capt. Chris McConnell at the helm came in with several stringers filled with mingo, triggerfish, amberine, white snapper and a few lane snapper. Captain said they managed to get their triggerfish on the first drop of the day.

The limit on triggerfish is one per person with a minimum size of 15 inches.

Fishing is good, so get out there and catch them while you can.

See you at the docks.