It was a big day for 197 Destin Elementary School fourth graders and over 200 Destin Middle School eighth graders. Both schools held their graduation ceremonies on Friday morning and Friday afternoon respectively, as parents, grandparents, and loved ones watched students cross the stage to start their new journeys.

Destin Elementary School principal Al Gardener said the moment was bittersweet for him, as he will be retiring in August. He spoke about the importance of the white bridge that students crossed while on stage.

"This bridge has been a symbol that Destin Elementary has used for over 25 years. It represents crossing that bridge into middle school; it's the next step in their education," Gardner said.

Destin Middle School principal Grant Meyer, who attended the elementary school's graduation in the morning and went to his school's graduation ceremony afterward, said that graduation day is always exciting.

"It's rewarding because we've put in the time and effort to prepare them for high school so it's exciting. The parents are a little nervous about their transition into high school, but they're ready."