With wins under their belts, both The Track and Fireballers have advanced in the Coed Division III End of Season Softball Tournament at Morgan Sports Center.

The Track will face off against Emerald Coast Chiropractic at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, with the winner taking on Fireballers at 8 p.m. for the championship title.

In the first round of tournament play, The Track rallied in the last inning to beat Island Wings 24-22.

The first few innings of play was close with The Track up 10-9 at the end of three and then Island Wings getting the advantage 12-10 in the fourth. At the end of five, Island Wings was up 16-10 and 22-15 going into the last inning.

In the top of the seventh, The Track exploded and scored nine runs and then held Island Wings scoreless in the bottom half.

Kristin Myers hit an inside the park home run and three singles for three RBIs for The Track. Corey Griffith hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs and Rita Cummins connected for three singles for three RBIs.

Chris Edmonsond was the big stick for Island Wings with a home run, two doubles and a single for five RBIs. Matt Claytor homered and hit two singles for two RBIs, and Jen Bazylak doubled and hit two singles for an RBI.

In the second game, Fireballers put Ace in the Hole away with a 26-13 win in five innings.

Fireballers scored eight runs in the first, one in the second, seven in the third and then rallied in the fourth with the 10-run limit.

Anthony Bartalo hit three doubles and a single for six RBIs for Fireballers. Michael Robbins hit two doubles and a single for four RBIs, Pete VanHesteren hit two doubles and a single for an RBI, and Nicolette Newton hit two triples for four RBIs.

Andy Collins led Ace with two doubles and a single. Kristen Goergen hit two singles and Michael Bell a double for two RBIs.