Thursday was the last day to get in on the amberjack and triggerfish action, at least for now.

Word is amberjack and triggerfish are supposed to open back up in August for a couple of months. At least that’s the game plan, but things could change.

In the meantime, the charter boats got after it this week after Subtropical Storm Alberto wobbled through.

Anglers fishing with Capt. Mike Graef on Wednesday aboard the Huntress pulled in a pair of amberjack, along with some big triggerfish and mingo.

Arkansas anglers fishing with Capt. Brian Kelley on the Screamn Drag landed an amberjack, triggerfish, mingo and white snapper.

Alabama fishermen on the Just-B-Cause with Capt. Ken Bolden filled the racks on Wednesday with a king mackerel, mingo, triggerfish and some big white snapper. Some of the whites were almost bigger than the mingo.

“It started out bumpy, but it got better as they day went on,” Capt. Bolden said.

Oklahoma anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips pulled in amberjack, king mackerel, some big triggerfish and mingo.

Louisiana folks fishing aboard the 100 Proof with Capt. Ben O’Connor pulled in three amberjack, king mackerel, triggerfish, mingo, white snapper and a lane snapper. A lane snapper looks a lot like a red snapper except it has yellow stripes. Some say they are yellow racing stripes, while others say it’s a snapper with the butter already on it. Either way, they are good to eat.

Arkansas anglers on the Wahoo with Capt. Steve Regan filled the racks with mingo, triggerfish, white snapper and one lone red grouper. Grant Nesmith of Little Rock, Arkansas, was the angler who hauled in the grouper.

“It was a struggle,” the young man said of the 22-pound red grouper.

Gag grouper, which is a brownish or gray color, opened up Friday, June 1 and will close July 31.

Birmingham, Alabama, anglers on the 5th Day with Capt. Brandie Miles-Kitchens came in with a good catch of triggerfish, mingo, white snapper, Spanish mackerel and a small Atlantic Sharp nose shark. Word is they also broke off a big amberjack.

Capt. Steve Allen on the Tropical Winds came in with several stringers filled with mingo, white snapper and couple of triggerfish.

A couple of local anglers got in on the last days of amberjack and triggerfish with a fine catch aboard the First Light with Capt. Steve Hauesler. They also had a few mingo in the mix.

Texas anglers on the Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes did it up big on Wednesday with some big amberjack, mingo, triggerfish and white snapper.

Although amberjack and triggerfish came to a close on Thursday, red snapper and grouper are now open game.

See you on the docks.