For the last couple of days, the word up and down the docks has been “slick calm” and “fishing is good,” which has proved to be a winning combo.

“It was slick calm out … it lay down like a mirror,” was how Capt. Chip Godwin of the Reel Legend described the sea conditions on Wednesday.

And the calm conditions apparently made for good fishing from the looks of the fish they put on the racks.

His anglers from Tennessee, Indiana and Texas pulled in some big red snapper, amberine, mingo and white snapper.

Kentucky anglers on the Al-Lin with Capt. Harold Staples filled the boards with red snapper, mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Steve Regan on the Wahoo and his group from Macon, Georgia, brought in a smorgasbord. They had red snapper, a red grouper, mingo and king mackerel.

“We caught the kings on a fly pole. They really got fired up behind the boat,” Regan said.

Capt. Paul Cox on the Fish-N-Teem and his group from Missouri brought in their share of red snapper, along with a few mingo and white snapper on Wednesday.

Repeat Knoxville, Tennessee, anglers on the Sure Lure with Capt. Don Dineen landed a huge grouper along with their red snapper and amberine. Captain said this particular group has been fishing with him six years.

Tennessee anglers on the Sea Fix with Capt. Mike Imm pulled in a nice catch of red snapper, mingo, Almaco Jack and a couple of scamp on Wednesday.

Capt. Curt Gwin on the Only Way and his group reeled in red snapper and mingo as did the group aboard the Full Draw with Capt. Brantley Galloway.

Mississippi anglers on the Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes had a big haul. They had mingo, grouper, red snapper, Almaco Jack and a couple of scamp.

“The fishing was good … it was slick calm out today,” Windes said.

And Thursday appeared to be a repeat of calm seas and good fishing.

As a matter of fact, the Gulf was so calm, dock photographer Jake Brashears called it the Lake of Mexico.

Missouri anglers on the Rewind with Capt. Reid Phillips came in Thursday with a load of snapper and mingo, while the Capt. Bud Miller on the Mighty Fine had snappers and a couple of king mackerel.

Capt. Casey Weldon on the Fish-N-Fool and his group brought in their share of red snapper, mingo and white snapper.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, anglers on the Blue Runner II with Capt. Tommy Carter backed in Thursday with a variety of fish. They had king mackerel, scamp, Almaco Jack and red snapper.

Capt. John Tenore on the Dawn Patrol pulled in some nice red snapper, black snapper and king mackerel on Thursday.

“The fishing has been real good,” Tenore said, noting how calm it’s been.

Texas anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Nathan Putney did it up big on Thursday. They brought in some big red snapper, mingo and a pile of amberine.

Capt. Steve Hauesler on the First Light and his group from St. Louis, Missouri, loaded up the racks with red snapper, king mackerel and mingo.

Texas anglers on the Striker with Capt. Bill Williams landed their red snapper, three kings and a Spanish mackerel. The deckhand said they had a smoker on, but lost it at the boat. He said the “smoker” king looked to be about 30 pounds.

The Silver Lining with Capt. Joe Quaranto at the helm came in with their red snapper, a couple of king mackerel, black snapper and Almaco Jack.

The party boats have been getting in on the action as well.

Capt. Jim Green on the New Florida Girl’s American Spirit came in Thursday with four large tubs full of stringers loaded with red snapper, mingo, lane snapper and more.

Capt. John Gibson on the Gulf Breeze was also loaded. Gibson said they had 33 people aboard and pulled in 432 fish. Not only did they get their red snapper but their share of mingo as well.

“Why leave mingo on the table?” Gibson said.

The limit on red snapper is two per person but for mingo, the limit is 10.

Fishing is beyond good. Book a boat and drop a line.

See you at the docks.