With golf clubs in hand, more than a dozen youth, ages 6-14, participated in the city of Destin’s Golf Camp at The Golf Garden this week.

During the two-day camp, youth were taught the basics of golf such as driving, putting and chipping.

For some it was their first time to hold a golf club or hit a ball while others have attended the camp in the past.

Seven-year-old Ella Jenkins was one of the first-timers and watched intently as Pat Markey gave instruction.

When asked if she was enjoying the camp, she shyly nodded yes.

Isabella Imperial, 14, was also a first-time golfer and seemed to be a natural hitting off the tee.

For Isabella Grzebieluch, 11, she said it was her third or fourth time to attend the camp.

Camper Greyson Sommerville, 11, was enjoying himself hitting off the tee with an iron. As a matter of fact, he said he hopes to tryout for the Destin Middle School golf team next year.

The two-day camp wrapped up on Thursday with the youth getting the chance to play a round of golf at The Golf Garden.