Not one or even just two, but three in one day.

Capt. Allen Staples and his crew aboard the 100 Proof charter boat pulled in three rare African Pompano on Tuesday.

This was only the second African Pompano that Staples has ever caught, with the first being 18 years ago while fishing with Capt. Robert Hill.

As for first mate Caleb Brown, who was also aboard the 100 Proof, it was his first.

The African Pompano is pretty rare off the shores of Destin. A couple have been brought to the scales at the Destin Fishing Rodeo in recent years, and Aaron Smith on the Sea Fix brought in one a couple of weeks ago. But they are not an everyday sight on the docks.

“You don’t see many, much less three in one day,” Staples said.

“That was my first ones ever,” Brown added.

Nevertheless, Brown was pretty sure what he had on line when it came over the rail.

“I knew what it was exactly when I first saw it, but couldn’t believe it. It was pretty neat,” Brown said, noting he had seen them on TV and in pictures.

Staples said they were fishing about 50 miles out when they hooked the flat silvery fish.

“We were catching throw-back ‘jacks,” Brown said when the pompano took the bait.

“It fought just like an amberjack … all the way to the surface,” Brown said.

They caught two back-to-back, then moved off that spot about 50 yards and caught another one.

The African Pompano weighed about 12 to 13 pounds, Brown said.

“We brought them in and filleted them,” Brown said, noting he’s looking forward to trying it.