Playing as part of team Dewsweeper Nation out of Panama City, Destin’s Madison Tenore has collected another win on the links.

This past weekend, Madison and her teammates won the Bay Point Ryder Cup Invitational junior golf event at Panama City Beach against a team from St. Louis, Missouri.

With 14 players on each team, Tenore was one of three females on the Dewsweepers. The other two were Taylor Moody and Deborah Burdeshaw.

Format of play for the invitational was best ball, alternate shot, and singles format.

“It was a challenging format,” Tenore said, especially the match play

Tenore was teamed up with Moody for the first two rounds of match play.

“The second match on the first day was a lot of fun,” Tenore said of the alternate shot round.

The way the alternate shot round worked was just the way it sounds, they alternated taking shots. If Tenore hit the tee shot, Moody would hit the second.

“My putting was really good,” Tenore said.

At the end of the two-day invitational, Tenore had won all three of her matches, the first two with Moody and the third one by herself.

In singles play she went up against a boy from the St. Louis team and won six holes with five left to play, leaving him no way to catch up.

“I had a lot of fun playing on the team,” Tenore said of the Dewsweepers.

Up next for Tenore is a little time off with family before gearing up to play for the Niceville High School Eagles golf team.