When it comes to fishing in Florida, rainy weather is always something fishermen have to contend with at least during the summer months.

And for those who managed to venture out Thursday on the Gulf they pushed through the weather and fished on.

“It was pretty bumpy out today. We ran into a few squalls,” said Capt. Casey Godwin, as his deckhands aboard the Suzie Q hung up their catch.

Despite the rough seas, the group from Arkansas pulled in a nice catch of mingo and white snapper.

Godwin said they caught and released several red snapper and some huge triggerfish. Triggerfish is closed in federal waters for all those boats with federal permits. However for the recreational angler who doesn’t have a federal permit on their boat, triggerfish is still open in state waters, which is from shore out to nine nautical miles.

“It was fine while we were fishing, but it rained on us all the way in,” Godwin said.

Minnesota anglers on the Rewind with Capt. Reid Phillips came in with a catch of mingo, white snapper, porgy and a couple of bonito. The deckhand said they fished through the rain and came out on the other side.

As for a group of local anglers on the Sea Winder with Capt. Chris Couvillion they toughed it out and brought in some big fish. They had three amberjack and a nice rack of mingo and white snapper.

“Mr. Ugly showed his face,” Couvillion said, noting the weather conditions.

“The weather chased us around,” he said.

The Gulf Breeze with Capt. John Gibson went out and brought back several stringers filled with mingo and white snapper.

Fishing is good right now, just know that you have to be prepared for rain or even rough seas.

See you at the docks.