Two of the best things about this time of year are fishing and football.

If folks are not talking about the big fish they caught or the one that got away, the conversation turns toward how their team, college or pro, did over the weekend.

Monday there was a bit of both on the docks.

The first boat to come in with a catch was Capt. Brady Bowman on the Bow’d Up. He and his fishermen from Illinois brought in a limit of king mackerel and Bill Wilson, who landed the biggest king of the morning, a 25-plus pounder, was proudly sporting a Chicago Bears T-shirt.

Deckhand Greg Meyers, a big Bears fan, said he went to bed at halftime Sunday night and his team was leading 20-0. So needless to say he was surprised when he got up Monday to go fishing the Bears got edged out by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

However, they got the job done on the water with their limit of mackerel.

Capt. Alex Hare on the Silver King and his group from Georgia came in with a nice catch of mingo, white snapper and lane snapper.

Missouri and Cleveland anglers on the 5th Day with Capt. Brandy Miles-Kitchens filled the nails on the board with mingo, white snapper and Spanish mackerel. The guy from Cleveland was quick to say that his Browns should have beat Pittsburgh. The game ended in a tie in overtime. “A tie is like kissing your sister,” the guy said.

Not long after, Capt. Tony Davis and his group of anglers from Arkansas on the Anastasia backed in with a load of huge mingo, some weighing 3 pounds or better.

The folks aboard admitted they were Razorback fans. As a matter of fact as they were looking at their massive catch of mingo, one of the guys said, "The good Lord gave us all these fish cause our team sucked." Arkansas did loose a close one to Colorado State 34-27 over the weekend.

A few minutes later, Capt. Brian Kelley on the Screamn’ Drag and his fishermen backed in with plenty of fish and a few fish stories to tell. The group from Washington, Oregon, Georgia and Italy combined to reel in king mackerel, big mingo and a few porgy. They also pulled in a boogie board that was marked by a shark, in more than one way.

While fishing, Capt. Kelley said he saw a dorsal fin come up out of the water and realized it was about a 300-pound tiger shark. In just a matter of seconds, he spotted the boogie board and the he saw the board tip up. That’s when the shark took a bite out of the board. After trying to get the shark to bite a bait, they decided to pick up what was left of the board and bring it back for a souvenir of their trip.

Anglers on the Maximus with Capt. Justin Hall came in with a good catch of mingo and a filefish.

Arkansas and Texas anglers on the Home Grown with Capt. Preston Muller brought in a good mix of fish. They reeled in mingo, several mahi mahi, a triple tail and a lane snapper.

Fishing is good and so is the football, whether your team wins or not.

See you at the docks.