Fishing is good, but it’s been slow for the charter fleet with not many folks around to book trips. But that’s all about to change.

In 16 days, the biggest fishing tournament this side of Texas (as least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) will hit the high seas with hundreds of anglers competing for cash and prizes — the 70th annual Destin Fishing Rodeo.

The Rodeo kicks off Oct. 1 and wraps up on Halloween with the scales open daily from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. on the docks behind AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar.

But in the meantime, there are people fishing, just not that many.

On Wednesday this reporter caught up with about a half-dozen boats that had customers. Capt. Reid Phillips and his group from Missouri on the Rewind had some fat king mackerel to go along with their mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Trey Windes and his group of fishermen on the Outta Line brought in a nice sized Almaco Jack, mahi mahi, scamp and several mingo.

Anglers on the Special K with Capt. Kyle Lowe brought in an amberjack and some big mingo.

Capt. Kris Dew of Destin Inshore Fishing Company took a group from Missouri out for a big catch of mingo and mangrove snapper, which are basically just black snapper.

Mingo was the catch of the day on the Screamn Drag with Capt. Brian Kelly for his fishermen from Missouri and Tennessee.

Capt. Jim Green on the New Florida Girl’s American Spirit pulled in with several stringers filled with mingo, white snapper, a few lane snapper and a mahi mahi. Captain said they had 30 fishermen aboard and they pulled in more than 100 mingo. Not a bad morning of fishing.

Thursday was all good as well. Capt. Dew took another group out and they snagged a big amberjack while mingo fishing. Captain said the ’jack actually ate a mingo. They also had a few black snapper on the racks.

Capt. Chris Kirby on the Backlash and his fishermen from Tennessee pulled in a couple of big amberjack to go along with their mingo and white snapper.

Anglers on the Just-B-Cause with Capt. Ken Bolden filled the racks with some big mingo and a white snapper.

Oklahoma and Ohio anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips came in with four king mackerel, one which suffered the bite of a barracuda, plus a pile of mingo.

Fishing is good, just need more customers.

See you at the docks.