The mahi mahi bite has been incredible this week with several of the charter boats loading up on them left and right.

The trick has been to find the grass patch or weedline offshore. And because the mahi mahi is a schooling fish, where there is one, there is sure to be more.

“It’s the best mahi fishing I’ve seen,” said Capt. Chris Couvillion on the Sea Winder Thursday. “Inshore and offshore … instant awesome action.”

Couvillion explained that the loop current has pushed some good water in and the fish are popping.

He and his group from Illinois filled the racks with mahi and a few mingo and white snapper.

“You could see them striking the bait in the water,” one of the anglers said as the deckhand hung up their catch.

Not long after, Capt. Trey Windes on the Outta Line backed in with a rack full of mahi mahi as well.

Capt. Ronnie Youmans at the helm of the Sea Fix and his group from Georgia pulled in their share of mahi as well as few mingo. The limit on mahi mahi is 10 per person and the must measure 20 inches to keep.

On Wednesday, Capt. Chris Schofield and his group from Missouri on the No Alibi loaded up on the mahi and mingo.

“We found the right grass patch,” Schofield said.

The Special K with Capt. Kyle Lowe pulled in a few mahi, mingo and porgy, while anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips reeled in a pair of king mackerel and several mingo.

Capt. Brantley Galloway on the Full Draw and his group from Oklahoma and Georgia hauled in several mahi, a gag grouper and a few mingo. Captain said they pulled the mahi off a weedline that had pushed in.

Texas anglers on the Bow’d Up with Capt. Brady Bowman loaded up on the mahi, got a couple of amberjack and Almaco Jack plus a wahoo.

“We could have pulled in mahi all day,” one of the anglers on the Bow’d Up said, noting they left them biting.

Capt. Chris Kirby on the Backlash found the weedline as well. He and his anglers from Louisiana pulled in several mahi, a couple of amberjack, a tripletail and several mingo.

“There were 100s of them,” Kirby said of the mahi.

Capt. Steve Regan and his Texas anglers on the Wahoo had a heyday with the mahi.

“The bait wasn’t hardly hitting the water before they were on,” one of the anglers said.

“They were thick,” Regan said. “There was no reason to go any further.”

Regan said they caught the mahi on spinning rods with live bait.

Mahi wasn’t the only fish hitting the docks.

Capt. Phillip Blackburn and his group from Missouri on the Backdown 2 pulled in a wahoo to get things started then landed a pair of amberjack to go with their big haul of mingo on Thursday.

Capt. Mike Graef on the Huntress and his Texas anglers also did some bottom fishing. They loaded up on mingo, a couple of big Almaco Jack and a scamp.

Fishing is red hot right now. Come on down and get in on the action.

See you at the docks.