The Destin Marlins had three players hit double digits on their way to a 56-29 win over the Shoal River Mustangs in boy’s middle school basketball action Tuesday night in Crestview.

Tobias Thompson led the Marlins with 16 points, while Zander Davis drilled four 3-pointers on his way to 14 points and Daniel Baturyn scored 11.

“It was fun,” said Destin Coach Bob Davies. “I carry 13 kids on the team, not because I want a big number but because they can all play and they can all shoot.”

The Marlins spend a lot of time shooting in practice like they would in a game.

“They’ve done a real good job of listening and paying attention in practice,” he said.

And it’s paying off in wins.

Tuesday’s win was the third consecutive victory for the Marlins.

In the first quarter, both teams were a little slow with Destin finishing the period ahead 9-8.

In the second quarter, Destin started to pull away. The Marlins came out with Maddox Fayard hitting a shot from the paint followed by back-to-back 3s from Davis and Thompson for a 17-8 lead. By the half Destin was sitting on top 21-14.

At the start of third quarter, Destin came out firing again. Allen Collins drilled a 3-pointer and then Baturyn drove the ball inside for a basket and a foul for a 3-point play, then Thompson finished up the run with a steal for a quick layup and a 29-14 advantage. Shoal scored and then Destin picked up seven more points on shots from Fayard, Collins and a 3-pointer from Davis. In the last minute, Destin’s Thompson added two more buckets for a 40-23 lead at the buzzer.

To start the fourth, Maddox passed the ball out to Davis for back-to-back 3-pointers. Fayard picked up a 3-pointer himself as well as Harrison Orr. Baturyn scored the last basket for a 56-29 victory.

“I didn’t see any 3s that were forced,” Davies said.

As a matter of fact, Davies said he didn’t see but just a handful of bad shots from his Marlins all night.

“If they let us shoot and we have a good read off one pass we’re going to take it … we’re going to put it up,” he said, noting they are not one of those teams that have to pass it around five times before taking shot.

Davies commended all his players on their performance.

“Everyone contributed and they are working so hard,” he said.