Just because Destin Fishing Rodeo is over, doesn’t mean the fish aren’t biting.

As a matter of fact, just the opposite. The captains that have had trips the last few days say the bite is on.

“The bite is good everywhere you stop,” said Capt. Kyle Lowe Tuesday afternoon at the docks.

He and his group of Louisiana angler on the Special K brought in a big catch of mingo, a gag grouper and a red grouper.

Capt. Brian Kelley on the Screamn Drag came in from a six-hour trip with a nice rack of big mingo and white snapper. His anglers from Santa Rosa Beach and Atlanta had a big time. For some of the younger fishermen it was their first time on the Gulf, but they caught plenty for dinner.

Texas and Oklahoma anglers on the Finest Kind with Capt. Jason Mikel hauled in a nice catch of mingo. Captain said they were mostly catch and releasing fish, but the folks wanted some for dinner, so they brought in a mess of mingo.

“We threw back a pile of triggerfish and red snapper,” Mikel said.

The 100 Proof with Capt. Ben O’Connor at the helm backed in from a six-hour trip with his group of Oklahoma. They had a grouper, mingo, white snapper and several small Almaco Jacks.

“We had a hard time getting away from the triggers and snappers,” O’Connor said. “Once we found the mingo, the dolphin got in on us.”

But they still managed to fill the racks.

Colorado anglers on the Destination with Capt. Stan Phillips filled the boards with some big mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Phillips said they also hooked a lot of triggerfish and red snapper as well.

“The fishing is great,” he said.


On a side note.

I love listening to the deckhands banter back and forth while they are cleaning up their catch.

I heard a new one today.

One deckhand asked the other – “You trippin’?”

Reply – “I’m might be trippin tomorrow. Don’t know yet.”

When I stopped them to ask what in the world they were trippin on – they replied – on fishin’.

So in other words, that’s the new slang for, “I’ve got a fishing trip," I’m trippin’.

You too can be trippin' in Destin.

See you at the docks.