Hamilton Martin tossed in 10 points to lead ACE Hardware SW in a 23-21 win over Our Greenhouse in the 7/8 year old competition of the Destin Youth Basketball League at the Destin Community Center.

Scoring four points each for ACE were Malachi Grimes and Hunter Ray. McCarver Dahlman and James Espy each scored two points and Jack Harrell chipped in one point.

Braden Jeter led Our Greenhouse with 12 points. Will Wortman scored five, while Jordan Miles-Gallaway and Jayden Rowell each scored two.

In other 7/8 action:

Frankfurt 1031 14, Budget Blinds 11

Scoring six points each for Frankfurt were Bentlee Bailey and Will Horin. Anthony Kirby scored the other two points.

David Freczko scored four points for Blinds. Peyton Hepstall, Tyler Rojas and Jaclyn Spence each scored two points, while Joseph Oakes added one.

Merrill Lynch 28, JBJ Flooring 14

Treyvon Cooper fired up the nets for 22 points for Merrill Lynch. Heath Criswell scored four points and Alto Jackson, two.

Connolly Barcus scored eight for Flooring, and Quentin Saviola picked up the other six.

Dynamic Pain 22, McGovern, O’Dell 12

Cullen McCune was high-point player for Dynamic with 12 points. Scoring two each were Zaishawn Brown, Avery Cowles, Case Culhane, Cruze McCune and Logan Smith.

Jax O’Dell led McGovern with seven points. Max Thomas scored three and Stephen Riggs added two.


Ages 9/11

Nathan Hall, DMD 31, Dynamic Pain 26

Jordan Figueroa hit double digits for Nathan Hall with 10 points. Lavin McDaniel scored nine and Cameron Cook six. Scoring two each were Wade Hamell, Caden Job and Brody Ray.

Calix McCune led Dynamic with nine points. Scoring four each were Garret Figar and Tyler Nims. Aiden Garza scored three and Aaron Rowell two.

Frankfurt 1031 26, 808 Mafia 24

The scoring was pretty even across the board for Frankfurt. Jayden Williams scored six. Scoring four each were Ryne Burks, Charlie Frankfurt, Jorge Granados and Samuel McGee. Alexis Gomez and Charlie Wamen each scored two.

Alex Srnecek led 808 with 14 points. Triston Nunez scored eight and Kameron Tsao hit for two points.

DKM Custom Homes 40, Pristine Painting 16

Baylen Knox was tops for DKM with 16 points. Mason George scored nine and Fisher Baltzell scored six. Chipping in two each were Owen Atkins and Carter Phillips.

Jaden Fair scored six for Pristine. Isaac Halbrook scored four; Dylan Marracco, three; Nathan Van, two; and Jayce Roberson, one.

Black’s Ballers 21, Last Cast Charter 14

Braxton Beard was high-point player for Black’s with 12 points. James Boykin scored six, while Parker Yates chipped in two and Jackson Black one.

Scoring four each for Last Cast were Jacob Benkosky and Will Blanchard. Tossing in two points each were Matthew Benkosky, Clayton Nelson and Fisher Nelson.

Angel’s Upholstery 22, Subway 20

Greyson Sommerlie scored six for Angel’s. Contributed four each were Eleanor Dawson, Gunnar Smith and Caleb Wright. Brayden Waters and Justine Samora each scored two.

Jabari Weeks was tops for Subway with 12 points. Scoring two each were William Babcock, Ryder Matekovich and Robert Pankratz. Christian Erlich and Brandon Schwind each chipped in one point.


Ages 5/6

DKM Custom Homes 28, Championship Title 26

DKM had two players in double digits, Blake Marracco with 14 and Jack Ullery with 12. Noah Taylor scored the other two points.

Thatcher Sommerville scored 10 for Championship. Jeremy Cronin, Zoe Fayard and Judson Phillips each scored four, while Mason Lipker and Christopher Otto each added two.

The Will Lawyer 28, Frankfurt Law 18

Wyatt Kilpatrick fired up the nets for The Will Lawyer with 16 points. J.B. Martin scored six points. Chipping in two each were Joseph Cope, Henry Frankfurt and Grayson Lacey.

Luke Horin scored 10 for Frankfurt. Amelia Reyes scored four, while Jermaine Drake and Nolan Holstein each hit for two.

Aron’s Pool and Spa 20, Wild Willy’s 10

Elijah Feagin scored 14 for Aron’s. Contributing two points each were Luke George, Derrick Jones and Miller Smith.

Scoring four each for Wild Willy’s was Jarvis Rickman and Elijah Slaton. Bogdan Cheptene chipped in two.

Subway 20, Budget Blinds 12

Jayden Hall led Subway with 10 points. Chase Adkinson scored six and Ellison Ingram hit for four points.

Drew Tedder was tops for Budget with eight points. Chipping in two each were Connor Graham and Lilly Tedder.


Ages 3/4

Robbins Builders 16, Carrow Window Films 10

Barrett Robbins led Builders with nine points. Scoring two each were Caleb Riggs, Grayton Robbins and Hunter Tintzman. Olson Smith chipped in one.

Jazzlynn Drake scored four points for Window Films. Maxx Carrow scored three; Reese Rojas, two; and Mack Horin, one.

Subway 30, 808 My Crew 18

Hitting double digits for Subway was Trey Jeter with 15 points. Carson Gregory scored five; Avery Bazylak, four; Sasa Sellers, three; Amelia Rudzki, two; and Liam Webb, one.

Wyatt Ullery led My Crew with seven points. Warren Smith scored six, while Ryan Braga scored three. Scoring two each were Princeton Forster, Legend Hardy and Maximus Miller.