Jeremy Maines connected for four hits to lead Whiplash in a 25-15 win over No Affiliation in the championship game of the Coed Division IV Softball League end of season tournament at Morgan Sports Center.

Maines cranked out a home run and three singles.

Whiplash started strong scoring eight runs in the top of the first.

In the second, Whiplash added five runs. No Affiliation exploded for nine runs in the bottom of the second.

In the third, Whiplash scored five and No Affiliation three with Whiplash on top 18-13.

In the fourth, Whiplash scored four and No Affiliation answered with two.

In the fifth and final inning, Whiplash scored three and held No Affiliation scoreless for a 10-run victory.

Dakota Blackburn hit four singles for Whiplash and Taylor Shipley connected for multiple hits.

Matt Molina led No Affiliation with a double and three singles. Charles Roberts hit four singles and Zach Cragin hit two doubles and a single.