Whether it was first game jitters, the low lying fog or a lack of intensity, the Destin Marlins took one on the chin Wednesday afternoon as the visiting the Meigs Wildcats shut them out 6-0 in a middle school baseball opener.

“I thought it was our approach more than anything,” said Destin Coach Matthew Cawthon. “It was the first game and we had a lot of guys that had not started before.

“I think there were some nerves, but that’s something we’ve got to get in there and knock the rust off … have some intensity to us,” he added.

The Marlins struggled at the plate connecting for only three hits. Ethan Davis ripped a double to right field in the first, Caleb Reeder singled in the third and Braxton Taylor got a hit in the fifth.

“We did a lot of good things,” Cawthon said. “But the main thing was at the plate. We just really had a bad approach … way to many strike outs … way to many first strike pitches we’re not swinging on.”

Destin had 12 strike outs on the books.

As for the good, the defense played well.

“Defensively I thought we didn’t play too bad. We pitched pretty well. We made a couple of pitches that were the difference maker,” he said.

Destin used three pitchers in the game that was called after five innings due to fog and darkness. Alex Kruse started, and then Dylan Matekovich stepped on the mound with Reeder finishing up.

“I thought all three of them threw the ball very well,” Cawthon said.

However, he said a few pitches can make a big difference in a game.

Meigs put up two runs in the first inning on a home run bomb from Ashton Waseleski, then picked up three more runs in the fourth and then finished up with one in the fifth.

All in all, the Wildcats connected for seven hits.

Up next for the Destin Marlins is a 4 p.m. game Monday at home against the Lewis Falcons.