Jen Robbins connected for four hits to lead Pool Sharks in a 16-13 win over Hancock Whitney Bank in the Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Robbins hit four singles for three RBIs.

At the end of two innings, the game was tied at 5-5. In the top of the third, Hancock edged ahead with two runs. Sharks answered with one in the bottom half.

In the fourth inning, Hancock scored two runs and then Pool Sharks exploded for the 10-run limit for a 16-9 lead.

Hancock finished up with three in the fifth and one in the sixth before time ran out.

Anthony Bartolo and Ty Greenfield each hit three singles for an RBI for Pool Sharks.

Todd Schrag led Hancock with a triple and two doubles for three RBIs. Chris Rubino belted an inside the park home run and a double for three RBIs, and Jen Bazylak hit two singles.


Boathouse Oyster Bar 15, Bradley Textile 14

After two innings, the game was tied at 5-5. Boathouse pulled away in the third with five runs and then picked up another run in the fourth for an 11-5 lead.

In the top of the fifth, Textile scored four and then three more in the top of the sixth for a 12-11 advantage.

Boathouse answered with three runs for a 14-12 game.

In the seventh, Textile put two run on the board to tie the game. In the bottom half, Boathouse pushed across the one run needed for victory.

Brandon Patzig was the top batter for Boathouse with two doubles and three singles for three RBIs. Mike Belden tripled and hit three singles for four RBIs, and Chrissy Theison hit two singles. Jordan Brewer also clobbered a home run.

Ryan Grandstaff was the big stick for Textile with a home run and three singles for four RBIs. Linda Griffith hit three singles for an RBI and Kristen Myers tripled and doubled.


Emerald Coast Chiropractic 22, Ace in the Hole 11

After four innings, Chiropractic had the game in hand 15-6. In the top of the sixth, Chiropractic put up seven runs. Ace answered with five.

Todd Preston led Chiropractic with a home run and three doubles for three RBIs. Whitney Whidden doubled and hit three singles for five RBIs, and Jess Whidden hit four singles for an RBI.

Tyler Stahlhut tripled, doubled and singled for an RBI for Ace. Andy Collins hit two doubles and a single for an RBI and Jenn Joyner hit three singles for an RBI.


Boathouse Oyster Bar 24, TayGray/2 Brothers 22

Boathouse started strong taking an 18-12 lead in the first two innings. After four, Boathouse led 23-17.

In the fifth and final inning, Boathouse scored one and then held TayGray to five for the win.

Mike Belden knocked in seven RBIs for Boathouse on a home run, two doubles and a single. Brandon Patzig homered and hit two singles for two RBIs, and Missy Welborn connected for three singles for an RBI.

Josh Snyder banged out two home runs, a triple and a double for four RBIs for Boathouse. Michael Haynes doubled and hit two singles for four RBIs, and Angela Coteat hit two singles. Donnie Montrey also hit a home run.