Both Destin Marlin tennis teams fell to the Ruckel Rams in middle school action Monday afternoon at Bluewater Bay Tennis Center.

The Destin girls lost 6-1, while the boys went down 5-2.

“Destin played hard and very well,” said Destin Coach Brett Chipser. “I am very proud of all the players. Ruckel was just the stronger team this year.”

Posting the only victory for the Destin girls was the duo of Gysel Nohrenberg and Abby Fortenberry with a 6-3 win in double play. Elle Stubbs and GiGi Biro lost their doubles match 6-2.

Stubbs and Keira Keener each lost their singles matches 6-0. Nohrenberg, Fortenberry and Ashley Calogero each lost their singles matches 6-1.

As for the boy’s competition, Destin shined in the doubles matches.

Gates Chipser and Eisley Ingram won their doubles match 6-1, while Charlie Frankfurt and Palmer Robbins combined for a 6-2 win.

In singles play, Chipser lost 6-3 and Ingram, 6-4. Frankfurt and Robbins both lost their singles matches 6-1 and Gabriel Stevens lost 6-3.

Up next for Destin is a 4 p.m. match Thursday against Liza Jackson at the Fort Walton Beach Tennis Center.