Fishing — is not just for the weekend. If you can get off during the week or here on vacation, get out there and take advantage of the great fishing. It appears everything is starting to crank.

Even on the beach, the pompano is starting to show up. There was a guy down at the docks on Wednesday using one of the cleaning boards to filet up his massive catch of pompano. He had some in the mix that were in the 4-pound range easy. Word is he was using sand fleas for bait.

As for the folks going out on the charter boats they were bringing in some pretty big hauls.

A group from South Carolina went out on the Huntress with Capt. Mike Graef on Wednesday and came in with some big triggerfish, mingo and a few amberine. Deckhand Carter Phillips said they caught and released several amberjack.

Capt. Chris Kirby on the Backlash and his group from Wisconsin pulled in some nice triggerfish and mingo.

California anglers on the No Alibi with Capt. Chris Schofield had a big mix on the boards. They pulled in Spanish mackerel, mingo, bonito, white snapper and a bonus blackfin tuna.

Tim Williamson was the lucky angler that tangled with the tuna. He said the fish pulled pretty good and gave him a work out. As a matter of fact, he said he almost had to ‘tap out’ on the fish. But he hung in there and landed the fish. The fish weighed in at 24 pounds.

Anglers fishing on the Finest Kind with Capt. Jason Mikel came in Wednesday with a few triggerfish, several mingo and white snapper, bonito and a lone flounder.

Virginia anglers fishing with Capt. Kirk Reynolds on the Sea Fix pulled in a pretty good catch of mingo, white snapper and triggerfish.

“It was a pretty day … just a 1-foot chop,” said Capt. Reynolds.

Capt. Reid Phillips and his group from St. Louis, Missouri filled the board behind the Rewind with some big triggerfish and mingo.

South Carolina anglers on the Mighty Fine with Capt. Bud Miller had a birthday celebration aboard the boat. The “birthday boy” was wearing a T-shirt that said “Today I Am Doing Nothing” — perfect attire for your birthday. He along with his family did manage to pull in some mingo, white snapper and triggerfish.

Anglers on the Only Way with Capt. Curt Gwin had a pair of huge triggerfish to go along with their mingo and white snapper.

Folks fishing with Capt. Tony Davis aboard the Anastasia on Wednesday brought in a huge haul. They loaded up with some big mingo, triggerfish and a pair of king mackerel.

Fishing is good right now — from the beach to the bottom.

See you at the docks.