In some hard-fought battles, the Destin Marlins lost the war to the St. Mary’s Archangels in middle school tennis at Bluewater Bay Tennis Center Wednesday afternoon.

The Destin boy’s team lost 5-2 and the Lady Marlins lost 6-1.

“I’m so proud of the Destin players. They all played very hard and fought to the end of each match,” said Destin Coach Brett Chipser.

One of those hard-fought matches was played by Destin’s No. 2 player Eisley Ingram who lost in a tie-breaker 9-7 to St. Mary’s Maris Rudzki.

“It was one of the hardest,” said an out-of-breath Ingram.

“We were pretty even. He tired me out; I tired him out,” he said.

In the hour-and-half match, Ingram hit some backwards “sky ball” shots.

“I didn’t even know those were going to make … I tried hard.”

Posting a win in singles for the Destin boys was Charlie Frankfurt with a 6-3 victory over Angelo Villanueva.

The other victory for the Destin boys came in doubles play. Frankfurt and Palmer Robbins teamed up for a 6-1 victory.

In other singles play, Destin’s Gates Chipser lost 6-0; Robbins lost 6-1 and Gabriel Stevens, 7-5. In doubles, Chipser and Ingram lost 6-3.

As for the Destin girls, the Marlins only win came in doubles play. Gysel Nohrenberg and Abby Fortenberry teamed up for a 6-1 victory. Elle Stubbs and GiGi Biro lost their match 7-5.

In singles play, Destin’s Elle Stubbs and Fortenberry lost their matches 6-1; Keira Keener, lost 6-0; and Nohrenberg and Biro each lost 6-2.

Earlier in the week, Destin beat Meigs Middle School at Shalimar.

The Destin girls cleaned up on the courts, 7-0. Stubbs won 6-1; Keener, 6-0; Nohrenberg and Biro, 6-2; and Fortenberry, 6-4. In doubles, Stubbs and Biro won 6-0, while Nohrenberg and Fortenberry captured a 6-3 victory.

As for the boys, they won 5-2. Ingram had another tough battle but won 7-5. Frankfurt won 6-0 and Robbins won 6-1. Chipser lost 6-4 and Stevens lost 6-1.

Destin won both doubles matches. Chipser and Ingram won 7-5, and Frankfurt and Robbins won 6-1.

The Okaloosa County 1A Middle School Tennis Tournament begins with singles play on Wednesday at 8 a.m. at Bluewater Bay Tennis Center.