It’s pretty much been all good this week. The weather has been good as well as the Gulf of Mexico. For the most part, the reports have been calm seas with a good fish bite, which has been evident from the tubs of fish brought to the docks.

The Tropical Winds came in Wednesday with a big catch of mixed fish. They had black snapper, mingo, white snapper, triggerfish and a couple of odd fish. One fish which the guys call a “goggle-eye” only weighs about a pound or so, and is orangey-red in color and has huge eyes. The other one was a “Toro”, which also has a big eye, but is more elongated and is red in color.

Deckhands Brody Hodge and Jimmy Grady explained that they caught the two odd fish on a two-hook rig just like all the other mingo and white snapper.

In addition to the odd fish, the boats brought in plenty of other fish.

The New Florida Girl’s American Spirit with Capt. Casey Godwin at the helm came in a couple of tubs full of fish. By the time the deckhands got through hanging up all the stringers it looked like one big red wall. They had several mingo, white snapper, a few triggerfish, black snapper and a graysby in the mix. Now the graysby is another kind of odd fish. It’s in the grouper family, but it doesn’t get very big and it is covered in brownish-red spots, even on the fins.

Capt. Chip Godwin and his anglers from Missouri and Louisiana came in Wednesday with a good catch of mingo, white snapper and amberine aboard the Reel Legend.

The party boat Swoop with Capt. Nick Price came in Wednesday with a good showing of fish. They had several stringers filled with mingo, lane snapper and a few triggerfish in the mix.

Anglers from Texas, Philadelphia, West Virginia and Indiana teamed up for a big catch on the 100 Proof with Capt. Ben O’Connor on Wednesday. They pulled in several triggerfish, mingo, amberine and a graysby. O’Connor said the bite was good, but they had to run a bit from the pesky dolphin that kept trying to steal their fish.

Thursday was just as good on the water as Wednesday.

Capt. O’Connor took another group out on Thursday from Fort Worth, Texas and they brought in another good catch of triggerfish, mingo, white snapper and a lane snapper. O’Connor said the pesky dolphin showed up as well, but not as bad.

Alabama and Georgia anglers on the Backlash with Capt. Chris Kirby came in Thursday with a good catch of triggerfish, mingo and white snapper.

Capt. Kyle Lowe on the Special K and his group from Dallas, Texas pulled in a good catch of triggerfish and a few mingo.

The New Florida Girl’s American Spirit with Capt. Jim Green at the helm came in Thursday with another big showing of red. They had several stringers filled with mingo, white snapper, triggerfish, lane snapper, and another goggle-eye.

Capt. John Gibson on the Gulf Breeze and his group of anglers came in with a goggle-eye as well along with several mingo, white snapper and a Key West porgy.

Fishing is good. Come on down and take advantage of a good situation.