No Affiliation and The Track both won by more than 20 runs each in the first round of play in the Coed Division IV Softball Tournament at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

No Affiliation blasted Backstreet Ballers 30-8 in the first game.

No Affiliation scored the 10-run limit in both the second and the third innings to put the game away in five.

Mike Ingram led No Affiliation with a double and three singles. Josh Cragin doubled and hit two singles, while Haley Baker connected for three singles.

Kory Horton hit three singles for Backstreet, while Kyle Tucker hit two singles and Justin Hutchison doubled and singled.

In the second game, The Track ran over Navigators 28-3.

The Track stepped out to a 12-0 lead in the first two innings.

In the fourth, The Track rallied for nine runs. Navigators answered with two runs.

In the fifth, The Track put up seven runs and held Navigators to one in the bottom half for the win.

Eric Howell and Jason Jamison each hit four singles for The Track. Michael Robbins hit three doubles.

Richard Ritnour, Angeline Taylor and Ed Arvizu each hit a single for Navigators.