Trailing by nine runs, TayGray/2 Brothers battled back to beat Boathouse Oyster Bar in the championship game of the Coed Division I Softball Tournament at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Boathouse jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the first inning.

In the second, Boathouse added two more. In the bottom half, TayGray scored the 10-run limit to close the gap.

In the top of the third, Boathouse put up five run for a 16-10 lead and then stretched it with three more in the fourth for a 19-10 advantage.

TayGray battled back in the bottom of the fourth and put up nine runs to tie the game.

In the fifth both teams scored two runs.

In the sixth, Boathouse scored two and TayGray answered with four for their first lead of the game.

In the top of the seventh, TayGray held Boathouse to one run for the win.

Neil Washington was tops for TayGray with a home run and two singles for six RBIs. Joe Feltner hit four singles and Angela Coteat three singles for an RBI. Michael Haynes and Joey Bianco each slapped home runs.

Evan Eary led Boathouse with two doubles and three singles for six RBIs. Jordan Brewer hammered out two home runs and a double for four RBIs, and Missy Welborn hit three singles. Brandon Patzig also slapped two out of the park.

In the semifinal game, Boathouse Oyster Bar beat Bradley’s Textile 21-20.

Boathouse took the early lead with the 10-run limit in the second inning for a 13-3 mark.

By the end of fourth, Boathouse was up 19-7.

Bradley’s started a comeback rally in the fifth with seven runs. They went on to score three in the sixth and three in the seventh.

Boathouse put up one in the fifth and one in the seventh for the win.

Stu Vanhousen knocked in six RBIs on three home runs and two doubles for Boathouse. Chrissy Theison doubled and hit two singles for an RBI, and Evan Eary doubled and hit four singles. Brandon Patzig and Jordan Brewer each home runs.

Ryan Grandstaff clobbered two homers, a double and two singles for three RBIs for Bradley’s. Cody Maddox homered, doubled and hit three singles for two RBIs, and Samantha Baker connected for two singles for an RBI. William Eads also smacked two home runs.