No Affiliation came from behind to be The Track in the second round of tournament play in the Coed Division IV Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Down 16-10 going into the sixth inning, No Affiliation put up four runs.

In the top of the seventh, The Track got the four runs back for a 20-14 advantage.

In the bottom of the seventh, No Affiliation hammered out seven runs for the win.

Josh Cragin cranked out two homers and a single for No Affiliation. Mike Ingram slapped a home run, a double and a single. Frank Kaesser doubled and hit three singles. Ethan Randolph also hit a home run.

Michael Robbins ripped a home run for The Track, plus a double and a single. Ci Wells hit three singles and Danny Adkins doubled and hit two singles.

In earlier tournament action, Navigators beat Backstreet Ballers 13-11.

Navigators took an early 10-4 lead in the first three innings and held on for the win. Navigators picked up their last three runs in the bottom of the seventh.

J.R. Gross hit two doubles and a single for Navigators. Ryan Marcell doubled and hit two singles, and Rich Ratunau connected for three singles.

Mike Ingram led Backstreet with a double and two singles. Jess Ramm and Kyle Tucker each hit two singles.