The temperature is not the only thing heating up along the Emerald Coast. Fishing was red hot this week with a variety of fish hitting the docks.

One fish that was spotted on the nails more than once was the mahi mahi.

“The mahi mahi are everywhere, and we’re glad to see them,” said Capt. Bud Miller of the Mighty Fine. “If you find a piece of grass out there … they’ll be on it.”

On Wednesday, Miller and his group from Indiana pulled in their share of mahi mahi, mingo, white snapper, king mackerel and a blackfin tuna.

They weren’t the only ones to find the mahi mahi. Capt. Bernie LeFebvre on the Windwalker II and his anglers from Georgia and Denver brought in a good showing of mahi mahi and a mackerel or two. They also had some big black snapper on the racks. The deckhand said the snapper were all around the boat.

Capt. Neill Finkel on the Shock’n Y’all took his group of Arkansas anglers out to tug on a few shark. Before they came back they loaded up on the mahi mahi.

“You couldn’t get away from them,” Finkel said.

Before they snagged their mahi, they hooked up with a bull shark and a couple of tiger shark.

Louisiana anglers on the Silver Lining with Capt. Joe Quaranto got in on the mahi mahi action as well. They pulled in several mahi mahi, mingo and white snapper on Wednesday.

Capt. Chris Couvillion of the Sea Winder has been catching a lot of mahi mahi as of late. On Wednesday he and his group from Texas loaded up on the mahi mahi and happened upon several tripletail – six to be exact. As for the mahi mahi, captain said they found a weed line and the bite was on.

“Everything was jumping out of the water … we were catching three or four at the time. It was a lot of fun,” Couvillion said.

As for the tripletail, that’s the most I’ve seen on a rack at one time. A tripletail looks like it actually has three tails, when in reality the fins are so big and rounded that they resemble three tails. The tripletails are usually between 2 and 12 pounds and are excellent to eat.

Capt. Jeremy Ruskowski and his group from Oklahoma on Backcountry Outfitters had a big tripletail on Tuesday. In addition they also had some big mingo and a few mahi mahi.

Capt. Mike Graef on the Huntress and his group from Alabama on Tuesday got in on the mahi mahi action. They also had a good showing of mingo, scamp and Almaco Jack. Deckhand Carter Phillips said they lost about a 15-pound mahi.

The High Cotton with Capt. TJ George at the helm and his group from Georgia on Tuesday snagged a few mahi mahi, black snapper, mingo and amberine.

Louisiana anglers on the Bow’d Up with Capt. Brady Bowman brought in a big catch of mingo on Tuesday along with a cobia and a big king mackerel. The mackerel was the result of just having a line in the water on the way in.

“We always keep a line out,” Bowman said, noting they snagged the king about three miles from the beach.

Fishing is hot right now and it’s fixing to get even hotter with the opening of red snapper. Red snapper opens June 1 in federal waters and June 11 in state waters.

See you at the docks.