Not many folks went out fishing the last couple of days due to rough seas, but the ones that did brought in some pretty big catches.

Texas anglers on the Anastasia with Capt. Tony Davis came in Wednesday with a rack full of red snapper along with a grouper and a couple of black snapper in the mix. As a matter of fact, Ashley Chau pulled in the biggest snapper of the day, a 20-plus pounder.

“It was the first one I pulled in,” Chau said. “I thought they were all going to be that heavy.”

They had a good grade of snapper, but her fish was by far the largest on the board.

Capt. Davis said they earned their fish.

“It was pretty rough … 6 to 8 footers,” he said.

Capt. Taylor Bankston on Destin Inshore Fishing Company and his group from Kentucky ventured out and got their red snapper and came on back.

Capt. Ben O’Connor on the 100 Proof had his folks loaded up and ready to go on Wednesday. Captain said they made it to the sea buoy but his group decided it was more than they wanted and headed back in.

The Destination with Capt. Gary Jarvis at the helm took a group from Atlanta and Texas out on a six-hour trip. They managed to pull in a mixed bag of king mackerel, grouper, red snapper, lane snapper, white snapper and amberine.

Capt. Bernie LeFebvre on the Windwalker II said they got beat up pretty good from the rough seas on Wednesday. However, his folks hung tough and pulled in king mackerel, red snapper and black snapper.

Capt. Justin Destin on the Un Reel said it was pretty rough on the way out, but then it got better. However, about the time they were headed in it started to kick up again. He and his group of anglers managed to land three grouper and 14 red snapper, plus a few Almaco Jack on the six-hour trip.

Local anglers on the Outta Line with Capt. Trey Windes hauled in a good catch of red snapper and king mackerel on Wednesday.

Wisconsin anglers on the Only Way with Capt. Curt Gwin reeled in three king mackerel, some big black snapper and several red snapper.

By the time Thursday rolled around, not many folks went at all.

But Friday was a new day with many of the boats back on the water looking for fish to put on the dinner table.

See you at the docks.