Emerald Coast Chiropractic and My Pho King Dumplings posted wins in the city of Destin’s Coed Division II Softball Tournament at Morgan Sports Center.

Emerald Coast Chiropractic beat Ace in the Hole 23-14, then Dumplings defeated Team Boggy 19-3.

In the Chiropractic victory, Chiropractic jumped out to an 11-7 lead in the first two innings. In the third, each team put up five runs.

In the top of the fourth, Chiropractic widened the gap and put up four runs and then three in the fifth.

Ace finished up with two in the bottom of the fifth.

Teresa Imdieke led Chiropractic with two doubles and a single. Beth Henry hit three singles for an RBI and Matt Herbermann doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Andy Collins was tops for Ace with three doubles for three RBIs. Ron Norville doubled and hit two singles for five RBIs and Megan Livingston connected for two singles for two RBIs.

In game two, Dumplings took a 10-0 lead in the first three innings.

In the fourth, Dumplings put up four runs and Team Boggy finally got on the board with two runs.

In the fifth, Dumplings knocked in five more runs and then held Boggy to just one.

Justin Coppock was the big hitter for Dumplings with an inside the park home run, two singles and a double for four RBIs. Shelby Fike hit four singles, and Ethan Randolph tripled, hit two doubles and a single for an RBI.

Tate DeShong led Boggy with two singles for an RBI. Dustin Guess doubled and Tara Montegut singled.


Philip Cryar Marine 21, Fenders Collision 14

At the end of three innings, Philip Cryar was on top 13-7. Cryar had another big inning in the fifth with six runs.

George Schissler led Cryar with a triple and three singles for two RBIs. Danny Owens and Mike McGrath each tripled, doubled and singled for three RBIs, and Mike McGrath.

Brandon Patzig was the big hitter for Fenders with a home run, two doubles and two singles for six RBIs. Kolton Riggs hit two doubles and a single for two RBIs, and Brad DesGranges doubled and singled for two RBIs.