I know they call Destin the “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World” but I like to call it blessed.

To fish or not to fish? That’s the question.

Folks, we are in “uncharted waters” of sorts right now with the threat of coronavirus in our midst.

And people want to know: Is it safe to go fishing on one of Destin’s charter boats?

All I can tell you is that the captains and deckhands that I talked to this week are taking all the precautions they know how to take to keep the customer safe.

“We’ve got Purell and all that stuff on the boat,” said Capt. Tony Davis of the Anastasia. “And we wash the boat down with Clorox and Soft Scrub after every time we go fishing.”

You may ask, “Is the fishing good?”

Davis said they hauled in some huge triggerfish in the last few days.

But they’re not the only ones catching fish.

While strolling the docks Wednesday, and still practicing my social distancing, I saw triggerfish on the racks, as well as mingo and more on the racks behind the boats that went fishing.

Capt. Alex Hare on the Silver King, which is a small center-console boat that can take up to six people, said he’s fished almost every day since last Wednesday.

“I haven’t touched anybody yet,” Hare said, noting that most folks just extend an elbow.

But the boats are clean.

The Twilight with Capt. Robert Hill at the helm pulled in Wednesday afternoon with a rack full of fish.

He, like the rest, said they are taking all the precautions they know to take. Plus he said, “We have plenty of Clorox wipes.”

But again the question is do you go fishing or not?

You’ll have to answer that yourself.

Some of the party boats have already made some tough decisions and are shutting down. With “social distancing” and having to cut back on the number of passengers they can carry and still be safe, for some it’s just not worth it.

But know this: Hurricane Opal of 1995 ripped up the docks, but the fleet came back, and came back stronger.

How will the coronavirus of 2020 affect the fleet and the fishing community? That remains to be seen.

I know they call Destin the “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World” but I like to call it blessed.

May Destin find the blessings in these uncharted waters ahead.

Hope to see you at the docks ... from a socially accepted distance of course.