ProMedica, Meridian continue ties

Danielle Portteus

Complaints from Monroe County residents have caused a healthcare company to delay canceling a popular insurance.

Monroe County residents with Meridian Health Plan expressed concerns to ProMedica after they were informed Meridian would no longer be an in-network provider.

After “good faith negotiations,” ProMedica planned to discontinue its relationship with Meridian Health Plan and notified customers last month.

Customers were told Meridian would no longer be considered in-network effective Monday.

Meridian Health Plan is a government-based health plan that includes Medicare, Medicaid and the Health Insurance Marketplace. It is accepted in six states, including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky.

This week, ProMedica officials announced it will return to the negotiating table with the insurance company after feedback from customers.

“Based on feedback from the community, ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital and Meridian Health Plan of Michigan have agreed to continue good faith negotiations for the next six to eight months,” said Serena Smith, senior specialist in marketing communications for ProMedica.

During the extended negotiations, current members of Meridian Health Plan will remain in-network and can continue to schedule appointments and procedures with ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital, ProMedica Monroe Cancer Center and ProMedica Physicians in Monroe County without services being considered out-of-network, Ms. Smith said.

“Should negotiations with Meridian Health Plan not reach a successful conclusion in the next six to eight months, members will be notified well in advance and have 12 months to change insurance providers if they desire,” she said.

Some customers have said they already made changes to different insurances after they were first notified of the change. The company apologized for any confusion caused to patients who have the health plan.

“ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care and an outstanding experience for our patients,” Ms. Smith said.