Is your pool ready for summer?

The Destin Log

With warmer weather approaching, local pools will need extra attention to keep its waters clean and healthy.

One recommendation local swimming pool cleaning and supply stores have for pool owners is to test the quality of the water.

“By testing your waters, it will let you know what kind of chemicals your pool might need more or less of,” said Amanda Johnson, assistant manger at Panhandle Pools & Spa in Shalimar.

Johnson said a lot of factors can affect the chemical balance of a pool.

“Swimmers should shower before getting into the water," Johnson said. "... In the first two minutes being in the water, lotion comes off your body and the chlorine has to eat it up.

“Even sweat affects the chlorine in the water,” she added. “A liter of sweat comes out of a typical swimmer in about an hour and (the sweat) takes up about 30 percent of chlorine.”

Johnson said if pool waters are not properly maintained, green algae and black spots begin to grow throughout out the pool. Lawn landscaping also is a huge factor in upkeep.

“By having your landscape trimmed, skimmer baskets won't get full and get clogged up,” she said,

Aqua Pools & Patio’s Katie Holcomb said owners need to shock their pools once a week during the summer and bi-weekly in the fall. Shocking is super chlorinating the pool, which will keep pool water safe and clean.

“Customers can come in and get their water tested for free and check if the balance of the chemicals is fine,” Holcomb said. “If a pool is not maintain properly, different kinds of algae can grow and attract a lot of mosquitoes.”

The American Swimming Pool Company also suggested using designated facilities away from the pool when changing baby's diapers. The pool cleaning and maintenance company also strongly recommended if someone has diarrhea, they shouldn’t even consider getting in the pool.