Need a hand with your beach haul?

No Limitz Beach Concierge can help

Savannah Vasquez
Taking your belongings down to the beach will not be so daunting as now there is a service for that. No Limitz Beach Concierge just launched this past fall and will be in full swing come spring. [Contributed Photo]

MIRAMAR BEACH — A few years ago Cody Herrin was lounging on the beach with his family when a familiar sight gave him a business idea.

“Me and my grandma were sitting down at Whale’s Tail in Seascape and there were two elderly women just struggling to get from the beach to the Whale’s Tail,” said Herrin, who noted that they had a cooler as well as arms full of typical beach accessories. “I went down and tried to ask if they needed help carrying their stuff, and that’s how I got the idea.”

Fast forward to today, and 26-year-old Herrin has a newly launched beach service, No Limitz Beach Concierge. His service? To help people tote their belongings to and from the beach.

“What I do is when people call me I come to their vacation home and I grab anything they may want to take to the beach. I then take it down to the beach for them, everything such as coolers, umbrellas, and paddle boards — anything they need for a day at the beach.”

Herrin’s goal is to have beach chairs, umbrellas and tents set up for vacationers early in the morning so that they don’t have to worry about the labor. He added that he will even run quick errands such as purchasing ice for their coolers or grabbing to-go lunches.

“I try to make their vacation as easy as possible,” he said. “Next year I would like to start the service of unloading vehicles and carrying everything to their unit, and when they leave carrying it all down for them.”

No Limitz Beach Concierge is available at the Seascape Resort in Miramar Beach and at all public beach accesses in Walton County.

“Right now it’s mainly in Seascape because that is the only place where I have the written consent to work on the beach,” he said. “They also have the largest amount of beach in Walton County, with 2,000 feet of beach.”

As for his rates, Herrin said he is keeping it affordable with each trip costing about $10, although he said he greatly appreciates tips.

“I keep it very cheap because I mainly want it to be for the elderly,” he said. “But last year 100 percent of my business was single mothers, or mothers vacationing with children.”

This will be Herrin’s first spring and summer season in business, and he said he is looking forward to growing in the area.

“In the future I’d like to get an app so that people can request us and we can be at the beach waiting for them,” he said. “As far as I know, I am the only one in Florida that does this kind of service.”

No Limitz Beach Concierge can be reached at 850-687-6090. Also find them on Facebook by searching No Limitz Beach Concierge.