Destin woman launches Keto bakery

Savannah Vasquez

DESTIN — Five months ago, Destin residents Ashley and Jamie Ping made a lifestyle change.

After watching food documentaries on Netflix, the married couple decided to eat healthier by following the ketogenic diet, or keto: a low carbohydrate, high-in-healthy-fat diet that trains the body to produce more ketones and burn them for energy.

Ashley, who has been a baker for 11 years, decided that instead of giving up her passion, she would modify it to fit her needs. Thus, Keto Kreations was born.

“Once we went keto, we were dying because we missed this,” Ashley said as she spread her hands toward her table stocked with cookies, muffins and other goodies. “If you are hungry on the diet, you better have three hours to make stuff because everything takes more time to make.”

Ashley said that her goodies comply with the keto diet because she uses almond and coconut flour, sugar substitutes and other keto-approved ingredients to make her desserts.

“I use artificial sugar, but it’s the way I do it that makes it better than most,” she said. “Keto cooking is like a science.”

Ashley said that just five months in, business is booming for Keto Kreations, and it’s all she can do to keep up with the orders.

“I probably make five cheese cakes and six dozen cookies a day, not to mention pumpkin muffins and everything else,” she said. “It’s a lot of work and it’s just me.”

In the future, Ashley said she hopes to open a brick-and-mortar storefront for Keto Kreations, but for now she is looking for a commercial kitchen to partner with so she can expand her baked goods and have the space to store them.

“I’m getting so much attention now; it just keeps spreading and spreading,” Ashely said. “My customers are amazing. They call it ‘keto crack’ and I’m their ‘dealer.' ”

Keto Kreations is a cottage business based in Destin. To find out more, visit it on Facebook by searching Keto Kreations Destin.