Advice young adults need to avoid buyer’s remorse

Special to The Log

Most young adults have financial regrets about their home purchase, a new Bankrate survey shows, but much of their grief could have been avoided with proper planning. That’s where you come in: Younger buyers have a need for more professional guidance about the costs of home ownership.

Sixty-three percent of millennial homeowners — more than any other generation — expressed buyer’s remorse, most often pertaining to closing costs, home maintenance, and other hidden expenses, according to the survey of more than 2,000 consumers. “When you buy a house, you can’t call the maintenance company or a landlord to fix major issues; it’s all on you,” says Luis Rosa, a financial planner in Henderson, Nev. "Extra expenses, such as needing a new air conditioner, furnace, or water heater, often catch first-time buyers by surprise, Rosa adds. “I always advise home buyers to create savings buckets and open a savings account that can collect interest that’s set aside specifically for housing repairs.”

Real estate professionals may want to initiate more conversations about budgeting with their clients to help them better prepare for the true costs of ownership. The average cost of maintaining a home each year is about $16,000, according to a analysis last year. Buyers also should be prepared for some extra costs at closing, such as inspection fees.