Hotel Viridian

Special to The Sun

Hotel Viridian concluded the summer 2012 peak season with increasing amounts of traffic showing curiosity about the new destination club and inquiring about becoming a club member.

Becoming a Hotel Viridian Private Residence Club member is an unprecedented occasion prior to the development’s sales and marketing efforts launched earlier this year in the spring.

Ever since the market collapsed and the development remained seemingly idle yet was truly paddling like a duck, the development has been carefully evolving in both product concept and core focus in order to provide a realistic product appropriate for the new decade’s consumer market.

Hotel Viridian opened its first amenity, V Seagrove restaurant, in February 2011 and has soared in gaining new and repeat business year-round. Their second summer season wrapped up having introduced new dishes, new events from sold-out seated wine dinners co-hosted by Silver Oak & Twomey Cellars to fashion shows and receptions.

The first residence in the Private Residence Club ownership program was completed and introduced to the public in June, with a grand opening event kicking off the summer season with 120-plus attendees (despite the tropical storm occurring overhead) and has then been available as an open house venue co-hosted by the sales executive agents at Beach Properties of Florida, the exclusive brokers for The Residences at Hotel Viridian, and the Hotel Viridian development team.

While the tourist season invites a relatively large number of potential real estate purchasers each year, a vast majority of these candidates arrive at their destination by way of the intersection of Hwy. 395 and Hwy. 30A, exactly where the Hotel Viridian development is situated.

Much of this traffic visits the V Seagrove restaurant for dinner at least once or even twice while they visit for the week or gaze at the recently completed construction phase of development and its possible connectivity to the restaurant.

The unique and complex nature of the development combined with the new real estate market has generated plenty of questions from diners, residents and visitors, and we have been explaining our product while listening to the needs and concerns of the potential buyers and also that of the general public, somewhat.

Why the latter, if we are primarily focused on sales?

It is necessary that the general public and our neighbors in Seagrove and along 30A understand what is being produced and the impact it will have on the neighborhood. This 160-foot Gulf front stretch along Hwy. 30A will feature Northwest Florida’s most luxurious, carefully-designed and developed Private Residence Club offering Florida real estate buyers the distinct chance to truly have access to the most amenities for the lowest cost… with the most flexibility.

This club in concert with the hotel will provide private beach access and service, an exclusive rooftop pool and lounge, a 7,200 square foot medical wellness club and lounge, in-room dining and spa services, underground parking and full time concierge and management services.

Membership includes usage of 32 residences ranging from 1-bedroom Gulf view hotel suites to 5-bedroom Gulf-front luxury accommodations and the opportunity to vacation or reside in them as frequently as preferred anytime of the year. The purchase of ownership lasts a lifetime as a deeded property trust, also known as a beneficial land trust. Each of the residences has a different point value based on the night of the week, season of the year, size of the accommodation and relative location to the Gulf of Mexico. The management team will ensure accurate usage of ownership share points and service the potential future re-sale of the points.

Your ownership points consist of annual distribution cycle of 15,000 points included in the minimum ownership package of $150,000 (at $10/point) to be used as you prefer, based on the availability set forth during your reservation process.

The medical wellness spa concept has also undergone a transformation since the initial development began. Day spas and destination spas have changed in content and layout since the economy crash had its impact on the luxury goods market. This medical wellness “spa” will take on a club atmosphere, utilizing its therapeutic spaces for multiple functionality and providing a social atmosphere for its members, day and night.

The Hotel Viridian website has just been updated and includes images of the first phases of structural development, defines the club's ownership concept and even displays the development's full set of floor plans. This is the first and only true site update since the first version of the website was established in 2007. Hotel Viridian will soon release new ownership incentives for the upcoming holiday real estate market. 

The next development phase is scheduled to begin this season. Visit our website to become connected and find out more information. Follow our progress on

Genevieve Torrey is marketing director of Hotel Viridian