Taxpayers save millions with early payment discounts

Special to The Log

The Okaloosa County Tax Collector Office recently released information on the 2012 property tax collections for the month of November, the month where taxpayers receive the largest early payment discount of 4%.

Tax Collector Ben Anderson said, “Due to that discount, Okaloosa taxpayers realized just over $5.6 million dollars in combined savings.

Because we work for the citizens, it has been a priority to communicate all possible ways to save and conduct business with our office.

As a result, the taxpayer gets to keep more of their hard earned money in their pocket.”

To date, 74% of the total tax revenue for 2012 was collected by Nov. 30, 2012.

Internet transactions increased by 193% from the same time last year and payments via free E-check increased almost 500% over November 2011. Anderson is delighted that customers are taking advantage of the free Internet payment option and encourages those who haven’t done so, to sign up for BillExpress where tax bills go to your Inbox your Mail Box. Anderson also would like to remind citizens about the Tax Installment Payment Plan. 

“The installment option allows you to spread out those tax payments over the course of the tax year, easing the burden of lump sum payments. Please call our office to find out more, or visit our website, and click on Real Estate Taxes on the left in red.”