Blue Marlin Realty Group invests in a bright future on the Emerald Coast

Advertorial Special to The Log

While many real estate companies are simply focused on selling property, Blue Marlin Realty Group makes a statement in the industry by investing in one of Destin’s prime pieces of real estate for the future of the company and the community.

On Friday, August 23, 2013, Co-Brokers Johnathan Hughes and Jerry Sullivan of Blue Marlin Realty Group closed on the purchase of what has commonly been known for over 20 years as “Shoreline Towers” and then “Anchor’s Building” on 970 Gulf Shore Drive located in the heart of Destin.  The beautiful white building has been greeting locals and visitors alike as they make the turn to venture down Holiday Isle.

“It brings such warmth to my heart to see Blue Marlin Realty Group continue my grandfather’s success and legacy after all these years. I have so many wonderful memories visiting Shoreline Towers watching my grandfather plan his next big project all while making Lebanese food in the kitchen for friends and family. “ says Kim Shahid, original owner Ernest Shahid’s granddaughter and Santa Rosa Beach resident. 

“Destin has always been a mixture of the old and the new. I’m extremely glad and proud to see such good people and business owners continue on the tradition of this Destin landmark.” stated former owner, Larry Anchors.

“With our team and vacation rental inventory growing so rapidly, we know this investment was the right move to firmly plant our business and allow for continued growth,” said Co-Broker Johnathan Hughes.

Always making an effort to support other local businesses, Hughes and Sullivan worked with Justin Woodard of Community Bank as the loan officer and chose Delys Dearmon of Emerald Coast Title Services to handle the official closing process. 

“Blue Marlin Realty Group has positioned themselves as one of the fastest growing real estate offices in our area.  Community Bank is pleased to be involved with this

company’s continued growth and success.” said Woodard.

“It was such a pleasure to assist Johnathan and Jerry in completing their purchase of the permanent home of Blue Marlin Realty. I am a big fan of Blue Marlin and seeing them in one of the most historic commercial buildings in Destin is thrilling for me. I have done business in that building with both Ernest Shahid and Larry Anchors, two of the founding fathers of the Destin area. My staff and I look forward to watching Jerry and Johnathan make their marks on the local real estate world and they are certainly poised for that opportunity.” said Dearmon.

“We are dedicated to this area,” said Co-Broker Jerry Sullivan. “We want to see this town grow not only in the real estate industry, but the economy as a whole.”

Blue Marlin Realty Group was also involved in the recent purchase of the former Racquet Club on Airport Road, and will be an integral part in the upcoming development for a new housing complex.

The future is bright for Blue Marlin Realty Group and the team has found their forever home in Destin, Florida.


Blue Marlin Realty is a team of dedicated real estate agents that specialize in providing clients with an unprecedented level of personal attention. Their office is located at 970 Gulf Shore Drive in Destin, FL. To learn more about the company and its services, contact the team at (850) 837-7800 or