World Impact Real Estate announces new sister company

Special to The Log

Rodney Elkins, owner/broker of World Impact Real Estate, recently announced the opening of their new sister company, The Real Estate Referral Company.

Realtor fees can easily exceed a thousand dollars per year. The local Realtor association, Florida Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors require a substantial investment each year from each agent. In addition, there are monthly expenses for lock boxes, marketing, desk fees, etc. By agents hanging their license with The Real Estate Referral Company they can keep their valuable Florida Real Estate License active. By working as a referral only agent they are still legally allowed to be paid real estate commissions. They can legally receive referral commissions from any state in America. Referral business is not limited to the state of Florida. 

Why would an agent consider this program? If the agent doesn’t do high volume, or if they just want to go part time, for whatever the reason, rather than their license to go inactive this could be the right alternative for them.  

There are three plans available to the agent. Go to the website “” to get the specifics of each plan.  Or to speak to Elkins, give him a call at 850-225-7000. He would love to meet with you and see which plan is right for you.