Carolyn Anderson joins World Impact

Special to The Log
Carolyn Anderson

Carolyn was attracted to World Impact Real Estate when it opened in Destin because of a common philosophy and value system which is much like her own.  She believes that life is more than just living day by day. It’s not about earning money, it’s about serving people. It’s not what one earns, but what one gives that is important. 

By joining forces with WIRE to change lives by giving one tenth of the company income as well as one tenth of her personal earnings to help people reach their dreams, achieve their goals and change their lives to have a life worth living is a tremendous honor. It is not surprising that she is known in the community as “Carolyn Cares,” the name given to her by her customer and fellow agents.

Anderson became a licensed real estate agent after a successful career as a teacher and school administrator. Since relocating to the Emerald Coast in 1991, she has been intricately involved in the growth and development of our vacation resort community. She worked exclusively in a unique waterfront development with award winning builders where she gained extensive knowledge in waterfront property and new construction. Her in-depth real estate training and experience in residential property includes courses in appraisal and finance which attributes to her outstanding success in representing both buyers and sellers who want to purchase real estate as a home, investment or business.

Some people just make you feel good about yourself when you’re around them. Anderson is that kind of person. She is a very high energy person who always has a smile and a word of encouragement for everyone.

The thing that she enjoys most about her work is the people that she meets and the lifelong friends that she has made along the way. Selling real estate is not a job to Anderson. It is simply the vehicle which enables her to bless and serve people while doing business in the market place.  There is something new to learn in every transaction which makes life interesting and exciting as well as challenging in today’s changing market.