Meet Nithya – World Impact’s sponsored nursing student

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Nithya – World Impact’s sponsored nursing student

As a part of World Impact’s giving a portion of each transaction, they sponsor a nursing student, Nithya. She has begun her two year program thanks to the sponsorship of World Impact Real Estate.

Nithya is 25 years old and from a poor village family in India. Her parents were struggling to pay for her education. At Sharon Community College, Nithya has a huge opportunity to learn the nursing skills necessary to make an impact on her community, as well as being able to support her and her family. Nithya shows great potential, is very active and works hard both in the classroom and in the community.

Nithya attends The Sharon School of Nursing which was established in June of 1999 as an offshoot of the Sharon Cancer Center and General Hospital. The objective of this school is to provide quality training to young girls in the field of nursing and community health. This two-year program is designed as an in-service training, giving the girls an opportunity to be fully equipped to meet the challenges in the field.  It provides not only technical training, but also equips them to know and grow more in their service to others.

When Nithya completes her training, she will have a diploma in health assistant.